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“HILARIOUS! Raucous, inspiring, and memorable!”
- Yesterday’s Island


Nantucket: The MusACKal! is a raucous 70-minute comedic musical about the history of Nantucket!

Taking place Wednesdays to Sundays @ 6:00p at Centre Stage, underneath the historic Nantucket United Methodist Church (go to the top of Main Street and look right!), this fun-for-all show has an original, contemporary score that provides first-time tourists and year-rounders alike with a comprehensive and comical telling of Nantucket’s history in a tight 70-minutes, packed with a laugh every second (which is approximately 4200 laughs per show, so bring your inhaler, just in case.)

From Maria Mitchell to Madaket Millie, the distinct characters of Nantucket’s past are brought to life by the sassy and salacious spirit of Nantucket: “Lady Grey” herself. She’s on a mission to educate two aspiring writers who have been tasked with writing (you guessed it) a MUSICAL about the island… on a very tight deadline!

With songs like “The Oldest/Newest House”, “It’s Cool to be a Quaker”, and “Ladies Run the Nation of Nantucket”, the show spans the island’s history from Native American lore to the progressive idealists of the mid-1800s, straight on up to the absurdly long line outside of “The Juice Bar” this very afternoon…!

About the composer/lyricist team

Matt Sav & Jeff Luppino-Esposito (Music & Lyrics)

Matt and Jeff never dreamed they would one day get the chance to write songs for a musical about the history of Martha’s Vineyard, so it’s a good thing that didn’t happen! Though newcomers to the windy, whale-ful shores of Nantucket, the songwriting duo have been swept up in the beauty and rich history of the island and are happy to renounce their New York & New Jersey roots to stake their claim as born-again natives of the Grey Lady. Matt and Jeff first started writing musicals together in a tiny music room at the University of Virginia in 2010, but now they write musicals together in a tiny apartment in Los Angeles– times have changed! They love writing songs for stage and screen, and feel incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to bring Nantucket’s truly unique story to life with the support of the project’s wonderful producers and creative collaborators. Their only regret is that they weren’t able to conjure the spirit of Madaket Millie to sing a late second-act solo, which they are certain would have brought down the house every night. You can keep up with Matt’s work at and Jeff’s at